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An extension of Memorial Family of Services, Compass Care includes services offered from the time you or someone close to you receives a life-changing diagnosis, all the way through counseling for families who have lost a loved one. We encourage you to consider Compass Care when you or a loved one experience a life-changing diagnosis, or when it's time to seek quality of life programs like home health assistance, hospice or family support.

For over 25 years, The Memorial Foundation has made it possible to better serve the healthcare needs of our community. Cottage in The Meadow wouldn't have been possible without the works of The Memorial Foundation and our generous community and corporate partners who helped to build the vision of improved end of life services.

Compass Care services are designed to improve health and wellness, and also your quality of life.

A spectrum of palliative services.

Compass Care's comprehensive programs give you and your provider more options for care and treatment.

A dialogue about your wishes.

Compass Care programs encourage discussion about what you and your family want during different times of your life and treatment.

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